BRC are refurbishment specialists and are able to offer the most cost effective solution to any problem large or small.

Coating systems are a very popular and economical way of sealing leaking roof areas, whether they be flat or pitched.  Coating existing roofs can greatly extend the life of a property at a relatively minimal cost and with virtually no disruption to the client’s activities.

Traditionally, bitumen based systems were popular, but many improvements in this field have been made in the recent past. Coating systems with a life expectancy in excess of fifteen years are now readily available.

Various systems are available including acrylic or polyurethane coatings which have the added advantage of a coloured surface for those roofs visible from other locations.

Cut edge treatment to end laps can be carried ot to extend the life of the sheeting even without over-coating. Coating systems can prove extremely useful when working on occupied buildings such as retail units.

Many pre-coated metal roofs are now requiring attention as the finishes are beginning to peel and end-laps corrode. This can be treated with minimal disruption.

As a multi-disciplined roofing contractor BRC are able to undertake appropriate repairs and preparatory work in-house prior to any coating system being applied. This may include replacement of individual defective panels or reinforcment to detailing.